Terasic DE10-Nano Development Kit | Maker Minute

Terasic’s DE10-Nano development kit is based on the Cyclone V SoC, which pairs a Cyclone V FPGA with a dual-core ARM® Cortex®-A9 processor, giving developers the benefits of reconfigurability and a high performance, low power hard processor. The hard processor system includes a full set of peripherals and interfaces, and is connected to the FPGA through a high-bandwidth interconnect backbone. The DE10-Nano is equipped with 1 GB of DDR3, a microSD card socket, an ADC, gigabit ethernet, USB, HDMI, and more. Two 40-pin expansion headers and an Arduino shield header provide options for hardware expansion. This gives developers an ideal platform for a variety of applications, including medical, industrial, automotive, and military.

10/27/2017 3:20:47 PM

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DE10-NANO CYCLONE V SE SOC KITP0496DE10-NANO CYCLONE V SE SOC KITCaja815 - InmediataVer detalles
IC SOC CORTEX-A9 800MHZ 672UBGA5CSEBA6U23I7NIC SOC CORTEX-A9 800MHZ 672UBGABandeja83 - InmediataVer detalles