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Image of TDK Lambda's i7A Non-Isolated DCDC Converter
Convertidores CC/CC sin aislamiento i7A

Los convertidores CC/CC no aislados i7A de TDK Lambda son adecuados para aplicaciones que incluyen médicas, comunicaciones y más.

image of RadioCrafts' RC17xxHP-RC232 RF Modules
RC17xxHP-RC232 RF Modules

Radiocrafts' RC17xxHP-RC232 RF modules contain a controller with embedded RC232 software and are pre-certified for operation under European regulations.

Image of MPS' MP8770C Synchronous Step-Down Converter
MP8770C Synchronous Step-Down Converter

The MP8770C from MPS is a fully integrated, high-frequency, synchronous rectified step-down switch-mode converter with internal power MOSFETs.

Image of MPS' MP17xA Non-Isolated Offline Regulators
MP17xA Non-Isolated Offline Regulators

MPS' MP17xA series are primary-side regulators that provide accurate constant voltage (CV) regulation without an optocoupler.

Image of MPS' MPQ18021HN-A MOSFET Driver
MPQ18021HN-A MOSFET Driver

MPS' MPQ18021HN-A's low-side and high-side driver channels are controlled independently and matched with a time delay of less than 5 ns.

Image of Seeed's Grove Beginner Kit For Arduino
Grove Beginner Kit For Arduino®

Seeed's Grove Beginner Kit is powered by Arduino® UNO compatible board (ATmega320p based Seeeduino Lotus) together with 10 pre-wired modules.

Image of Analog Devices' ADL9005 Amplifier
ADL9005 Amplifier

Analog Devices' ADL9005 amplifier is self-biased with a single positive supply that eliminates board space required for complex bias sequencing circuitry.

Analog Power Management and Interface
Analog Power Management and Interface

Microchip can easily manage your power and communication with their multifunction single device power management solutions. Their broad portfolio includes DC/DC controllers & converters, MOSFETs & more.

Analog Circuit Design and Tools
Analog Circuit Design and Tools

Looking for an effortless solution to blend your product selections with analog circuit design? Check out Microchip’s selection tools & design services to help you with that. Available at Digi-Key!

Analog Products - Microchip | DigiKey
Analog Products

Microchip offers a large portfolio of cost-effective analog products including power management, signal chain, and interface solutions for a variety of applications. Find a solution that best fits your needs today!

Image of SiTime's SiT8008 Low-Power Expanded Voltage Range MEMS Oscillators
SiT8008 Low-Power Expanded Voltage Range MEMS Oscillators

SiTime's SiT8008 low-power MEMS oscillators feature frequency and drive strength programmability and can operate at any voltage between 1.62 V and 3.63 V.

Signal Chain
Signal Chain - Analog Products

Digi-Key carries a variety of Microchip’s standalone analog & interface devices combining various functions with the ability to support numerous bus interfaces.

Image of Molex's Pico-EZmate Plus 1 mm-Pitch Connectors
Pico-EZmate Plus 1 mm-Pitch Connectors

Molex's compact Pico-EZmate Plus 1 mm-pitch connectors deliver high performance in a low-profile height and offer a current rating up to 2.8 A.

Image of Integra Enclosures' Impact Series
Impact Series

Integra Enclosures' impact series compact enclosures are 100% non-metallic and virtually corrosion-free when equipped with EZ Hinge and an integrated latch.

Image of EPCOS' B25632E Series DC Link Power Capacitors
B25632E Series DC Link Power Capacitors

EPCOS/TDK’s B25632E series DC link power capacitors are available for rated voltages of 700 VDC to 2000 VDC and cover a capacitance range of 20 µF to 270 µF.