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Image of Analog Devices' LTM4668 Quad DC/DC µModule Regulator
LTM4668 Quad DC/DC µModule Regulator

Analog Devices' LTM4668 quad output standalone, non-isolated, switch-mode DC/DC power supply is ideal for applications such as telecom and networking.

Image of TDK's µPOL® DC-DC Power Modules
µPOL™ DC-DC Power Modules

TDK's µPOL™ DC-DC power modules technology is excellent for tight board space or high-power density designs.

Image of ON Semiconductor's NCP109x Power over Ethernet (PoE) Solutions
NCP109x Power over Ethernet (PoE) Solutions

ON Semiconductor’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions meet universal industry standards of IEEE that provides up to 100 W of power.

Image of Rosenberger's Angled and Straight Solderless Connectors
Angled and Straight Solderless Connectors

Rosenberger's solderless PCB mount connectors can be easily mounted by using screws and prepositioning dowel pins.

Image of Cyntec's Current Sensing Resistors
Current Sensing Resistors

Cyntec’s current sensing resistors support high precision and low TCR in a compact package that makes them ideal for mobile and wearable products.

Image of Skyworks Solutions' OLS249 Radiation-Tolerant Phototransistor
OLS249 Radiation-Tolerant Phototransistor

Skyworks Solutions' low-current phototransistor is the perfect solution for applications demanding high performing componentry.

Image of 3M's Respirator Masks - Reusable and Disposable
Respiradores y máscaras reutilizables y desechables

Una gran variedad de máscaras y respiradores de pieza facial con filtro de 3 M ayuda a los usuarios a adecuar el respirador a su entorno.

Image of BUD Industries' BB32650 BUD Breadboards
BB32650 BUD Breadboards

Bud Industries' BB32650 BUD 1.85" x 1.42" x 0.33" solderless breadboards have a standard double strip, 170 tie points, and come in six colors.

Image of Cyntec Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector
Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector

Cyntec’s thin-film Pt-RTD resistance temperature sensor provides a significant cost advantage compared to the conventional wirewound Pt-RTD.

Image of Renesas’ Diaper Odor Detector
Diaper Odor Detector

Renesas’ gas and humidity sensors and RL78/G1D MCU combination make it easier to monitor diaper odors in real-time through any mobile device.

Image of Schurter's AEO Series 10.3 mm x 38 mm Midget-fuse for EV Automotive Applications
AEO Series 10.3 mm x 38 mm Midget-fuse for EV Automotive Applications

Schurter's AEO 10.3 mm x 38 mm midget-fuse series is particularly suited for battery protection in electric vehicles.

Image of Texas Instruments' THVD1520 5 V RS-485 Transceiver
THVD1520 5 V RS-485 Transceiver

Texas Instruments' THVD1520 5 V RS-485 transceiver is suitable for industrial applications such as factory automation and control.

Image of Schurter's NR010/20/21 Series Convenience Outlets
NR010/20/21 Series Convenience Outlets

Schurter's NR010, NR020, and NR021 series of NEMA 5-15R convenience outlets combine classic features with new ones.

Image of Particle's IoT Starter Kit
IoT Starter Kit

Particle's IoT starter kit utilizes the Particle Argon Wi-Fi development board and is ideal for experienced users and new IoT project builders.

Image of Texas Instruments' TPS7A02 LDO Linear Regulator
TPS7A02 200 mA LDO Linear Regulator with Fast Transient

Texas Instruments' TPS7A02 LDO linear regulator offers active discharge and is ideal for battery-powered applications.