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Image of WIMA's MP 3-X2 RFI Capacitors
MP 3-X2 RFI Capacitors

WIMA's MP 3-X2 offer a high degree of interference suppression due to good attenuation and low ESR.)

Image of IXYS' CPC1984Y OptoMOS® 1 Amp 600 V Power SIP Relay
CPC1984Y OptoMOS® 1 Amp 600 V Power SIP Relay

IXYS' CPC1984Y OptoMOS® single-pole normally open (1 Form A) 600 V solid state power relay has a 1 ADC/1 Arms continuous load current rating.)

Bluetooth Indoor Solar Development Kit - PowerFilm
Bluetooth® Indoor Solar Development Kit

Fully powered by PowerFilm’s low-light series solar, the Bluetooth® indoor solar development kit is a wireless sensing module.)

Image of STMicro common mode filter
ECMF4-2450A60N10 Common Mode Filter

STMicroelectronics' ECMF™ filters and protects high-speed links, and improves the overall performance and robustness of consumer devices in less than 3 mm².)

Image of Linear Technology LT3033 linear regulator
LT3033 3 A Linear Regulator with Programmable Current Limit

Power by Linear™/Analog Devices’ LT3033 regulator supplies 3 A output current with 95 mV typical dropout voltage.)

Image of WIMA's MP 3-X1 RFI Capacitors
MP 3-X1 RFI Capacitors

WIMA's MP 3-X1 components are resin impregnated under vacuum and encapsulated with self-extinguishing cast resin.)

Image of Omron's A2W Wireless Pushbutton 22 mm Switches
A2W Wireless Pushbutton 22 mm Switches

Omron's A2W wireless switches use a sub-GHz band for reduced interference and better signal propagation to difficult-to-reach areas.)

Image of Amphenol ICC's BergStak® Lite 0.80 mm Board-to-Board Connectors
BergStak® Lite 0.80 mm Board-to-Board Connectors

Amphenol ICC's BergStak® Lite 0.80 mm is a comprehensive and versatile solution designed for high-density applications with the need for lower mating cycles.)

Image of Linear Technology's LTC3372 DC/DC Regulator
LTC3372 Configurable PMIC Buck DC/DC

Analog Devices’ LTC3372 buck DC/DC regulators are ideal for multichannel power supplies found in automotive, industrial, and always on applications.)

Zero Programming Wireless Xpress Solutions - Silicon Labs
Zero Programming Wireless Xpress Solutions

Silicon Labs' Wireless Xpress allows users to streamline the design of commercial, industrial, and smart home IoT applications.)

Micro-USB B Receptacle Waterproof SMT - Molex
Micro-USB B Receptacle Waterproof SMT

The Molex USB 2.0 Micro B IP67 waterproof option withstands post-solder reflow while preventing water ingression.)

Image of Analog Devices' ADM3055 Isolated CAN Transceivers
ADM3055 Isolated CAN Transceivers

ADI’s ADM3055 transceiver comes with iCoupler® technology to combine a 3-channel isolator, a CAN transceiver, and isoPower® dc-to-dc converter.)

Image of Toshiba's USB Type-C Data MUX and Power Delivery Switches
MUX de datos USB tipo C e interruptores de entrega de energía

Toshiba ofrece interruptores de potencia, MUX de datos y tecnología de diodos de protección ESD, ofreciendo soluciones para apoyar los puertos USB de tipo C y USB de entrega de energía. )

Image of Molex's Cellular Ceramic Antenna
Cellular Ceramic Antenna

Molex’s cellular ceramic antenna supports high-performance MIMO applications in telecommunications, industrial, and other wide frequency band operations.)

Image of WIMA's MKP 10 Pulse Capacitors
MKP 10 Pulse Capacitors

WIMA's MKP 10 pulse capacitors with double-sided metallized electrodes in PCM 7.5 mm to 52.5 mm with 1000 pF to 47 µF capacitances.)