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Image of Molex's Sentrality High-Power Pin and Socket Connector
Sentrality High-Power Pin and Socket Connector

Molex’s Sentrality interconnect system introduces the eye-of-needle (EON) press-fit socket, a mezzanine-style board-to-board and board-to-busbar connector.

Image of Bel Power Solutions' Isolated 60 W Quarter Brick DC/DC Converters 0RQB-60Q05x Series
Isolated 60 W Quarter-Brick DC/DC Converters - 0RQB-60Q05x Series

Bel Power's quarter-brick DC/DC converters provides up to 60 W of output power with 92% efficiency at a low cost.

Image of Adam Tech's Heat Shrink Tubing
Heat Shrink Tubing

Adam Tech's single-wall polyolefin heat shrink tubing is flexible, flame retardant, and has a 2:1 shrink ratio.

Image of Microchip Technology's MCP73837 Li-ion Battery Charger
MCP73837 Li-Ion Battery Charger

Microchip Technology's MCP73837 Li-ion battery charger simplifies design for applications that are powered from either a USB port or an AC adapter.

Image of Adam Tech's Standard Wire-to-Board Solutions
Standard Wire-to-Board Solutions

Adam Tech's SH, CH, MTD, FDP, and FTR series wire-to-board headers and housings come in various pitch, termination, cable type, wire gauge, and mounting types.

Image of Amphenol LTW's M12 Highly Flexible Cable Assemblies
M12 Highly Flexible Cable Assemblies

Amphenol LTW's M12 highly flexible cable assemblies for constant moving applications are ideal for modern automated manufacturing systems.

Image of Molex's Micro-One Connector with Integrated ISL
Conector Micro-One con ISL integrado

El conector compacto de cable a placa Micro-One de Molex con ISL integrado garantiza la inserción adecuada del terminal y evita retrocesos accidentales.

Image of EPCOS' B82472D6* Series Coupled Inductors
B82472D6* Series Coupled Inductors

EPCOS' B82472D6* series coupled inductors are compact, robust components and are suitable in a wide range of applications.

Image of Sensata - Cynergy3's FLPV Series of ATEX Float Switches
FLPV Series ATEX Float Switches

Sensata - Cynergy3's FLPV series float switches are ATEX and PED certified and are suitable for many aggressive liquids or hygienic applications.

Image of Ledex STA series Tubular Actuator
STA Series Tubular Actuator

Ledex STA series tubular actuator is well-suited for applications such as lock/latch, door interlocks, computer peripherals, and more.

Image of Phoenix Contact's Single Pair Ethernet
Conectores Ethernet de par único

Los conectores SPE de Phoenix Contact son ideales cuando se necesita un perfil de conexión pequeño o para integrar fácilmente dispositivos y simplificar la distribución de circuitos.

Image of Klein Tools' RJ45-CAT6A Pass-Thru™ Modular Plugs
RJ45-CAT6A Pass-Thru™ Modular Plugs

Klein Tools' CAT6A Pass-Thru™ modular plugs offer fast and reliable connector installations for data applications.

Image of Festo Corporation's PUN-H Tubing
PUN-H Tubing

Festo’s kink-resistant PUN-H tubing is easy to install and resistant to hydrolysis and microbes, making it perfect for use in the food industry.

Image of Microchip Technology's PAC195x Power Monitors
PAC195x Power Monitors

Microchip Technology's PAC195X devices are energy monitors, with bus voltage monitors and current sense amplifiers that feed high-resolution ADCs.

Image of ATP Industrial/Extended Temp. e.MMC BGA storage
Industrial/Extended Temperature e.MMC BGA Storage

ATP’s e.MMC BGA storage solutions have a wide temperature range, ensuring severe scenarios will not have an adverse impact on the device or the data within.