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Wakefield Thermal

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Bonded Fin Heat Sinks: Wakefield-Vette
Aluminum Extrusion Press, Watch Wakefield Solutions Aluminum Being Extruded
Heat Pipe Overview: Wakefield-Vette
Liquid Cooling, Practical Guidelines to Design and Manufacture with Q&A- Thermal Live 2015
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PTM recientes

5 minutes
Understanding Air Movers and How to Select One
This presentation will provide an introduction to the Air Movers available from WV and how to select the right one for an application.
5 minutes
Recirculating Chiller Overview Basics and Design Guide
This presentation will outline the ways these recirculating chillers work and how to understand their performance for a given particular application.
5 minutes
Thermoelectric Device and Assemblies Overview
An introduction to Wakefield-Vette's thermoelecric devices and the differences between the various types.
5 minutes
Utilizing Vapor Chambers, A Practical Guide to Design
An introduction on utilizing and designing with Wakefield-Vette vapor chambers, as well as a comparison of vapor chambers to heat pipes
5 minutes
Heat Pipe Overview
This presentation will discuss the what is a heat pipe, the types of heat pipes, and heat pipe assemblies.
5 minutes
Intro to the EPS Heitec Sub-rack System
Overview of the EPS Heitec Sub-rack enclosure series.
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Acerca de Wakefield Thermal

Fundada en 1957, Wakefield Engineering diseña soluciones de gestión térmica eficaz, asequible y fiable para una amplia gama de mercados comerciales, industriales y militares. Reconocido como un líder mundial, Wakefield Engineering ha crecido con el mercado y se ha expandido a otros, respondiendo a los avances tecnológicos y anticipando las demandas de la industria. Wakefield Engineering es una subsidiaria de propiedad total de Alpha Technologies Group, Inc.