Honeywell HG1120 Inertial Measurement Unit | Digi-Key Daily

Honeywell Microelectronics’ HG1120 inertial measurement unit that is small, rugged, lightweight, and low power, making it ideal for precision agriculture, UAVs, surveying, platform control, and motion compensation. The HG1120 includes MEMS gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers and an internal environmental isolation that attenuates unwanted signals. The unit consumes less than 0.4 W and operates from a supply from 3 to 5.5 V, making it easy to integrate even with battery-powered systems. The IMU communicates with a host using industry standard RS-422 or SPI interfaces, with user configurable data rates up to 300 Hz for guidance and 1800 Hz for control.

8/30/2017 7:27:31 PM