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SCHURTER a leading company in Touch Solutions
Compensated Chokes - DKIH Series
Power Entry Module with Double-Stage Filter
SCHURTER GS21 and GP21 DC Connectors acc IEC Standard
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5 minutes
Innovative Touch-Safe Fuse Cover ESO 10.3 x 38
The ESO 10.3 x 38 and its related ASO and CSO series parts will be discussed in this presentation.
10 minutes
Surface Mount Chip Fuse
Schurter's surface mount chip fuses offer quick, super quick acting and time-lap characteristics. Each fuse series boasts unique performance characteristics.
5 minutes
5707 Power Entry Module
Tightly sealed from the elements, this power entry module allows equipment to be washed/sealed without damage. Virtually impervious to dust and liquids.
5 minutes
DD Series Power Entry Module
Offers mounting flexibility, optional EMI/RFI filter, PCB mounted, and are best suited for applications with limited space and high inrush currents.
5 minutes
MSM CS Pushbutton Switch
MSM CS switches have a fully illuminated ceramic surface which is ideal for applications in environments that are dimly lit.
5 minutes
Snap-In Metal Line Switches
Designed for tool free installation making Schurter's Snap-In version of the MSM series suitable for applications with limited rear panel access.
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Acerca de Schurter

- SCHURTER Electronic Components es un innovador y un fabricante progresistas de fusibles, disyuntores, conectores, componentes EMC y sistemas de entrada, entre ellos interruptores. Durante más de 75 años, los componentes de SCHURTER han proporcionado energía segura y limpia y facilitan la interconexión entre humanos y máquinas. Nuestros principales mercados incluyen comunicaciones de datos, industria, energías renovables e instrumentación médica y de prueba.