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Image of PEI-Genesis' Positronic DD High-Density D-Sub Connectors

Positronic DD High-Density D-Sub Connectors

PEI-Genesis' rugged, flexible D-sub connectors are suited for harsh environments, with options for 15, 26, 44, 62, 78, and 104 contacts.

Image of PEI-Genesis' Sure-Seal® USB 2.0 Connectors

Sure-Seal® USB 2.0 Connectors

PEI-Genesis' IP67-rated USB 2.0 connectors are ideal for factory automation, process controls, and diagnostic/test instruments.

Image of PEI-Genesis' Conesys D38999 Series III Connectors

Conesys D38999 Series III Connectors

Qualified to MIL-DTL-38999 standards, PEI-Genesis' Conesys D38999 series III connectors provide excellent durability and performance.

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Acerca de PEI-Genesis

PEI-Genesis is a worldwide leader in design and assembly of custom engineered connector solutions. They partner with their customers to develop custom interconnect solutions that support harsh environments found in the aviation, energy, industrial, military, railway, and medical sectors globally. Since 1946 PEI-Genesis continues to meet specific application requirements for their customers and then deliver with speed, service, and consistent quality that is untouched in the industry.