- SWITCHCRAFT®, founded in 1946, is headquartered in Chicago, IL USA and still manufactures product in Chicago today. In 1999, SWITCHCRAFT® acquired Conxall®, located in Villa Park, IL, a leading manufacturer of harsh environment connectors and custom cable assemblies, adding to the already extensive line of SWITCHCRAFT® connector products.


Sample Box Interactive Guide

Image of Switchcraft Conxall's Sample Box

Switchcraft's sample box interactive guide provides a full listing of harsh environment connectivity products, sealed data connectors, audio connectors, and jacks and plugs. Learn More

Shielded MINI-CON-X® Connectors

Image of Conxall-Switchcraft's Shielded MINI-CON-X Connectors

Conxall/Switchcraft's IP66 and IP68 shielded MINI-CON-X® connectors protect circuits from EMI and RF interference. Learn More

Authorized Distributor

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Digi-Key is an authorized distributor of Switchcraft and Conxall products. Learn More

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Shielded MINI-CON-X® Connectors Publish Date: 2010-01-14

Conxall/Switchcraft's IP66 and IP68 shielded MINI-CON-X® connectors protect circuits from EMI and RF interference.

Sealed Power Plugs and Jacks Publish Date: 2010-04-09

Switchcraft's sealed power plugs and jacks are made with a rating of IP68 / NEMA 250 (6P), making this device perfect for harsh environments.

Shielded Tini-QG® Connectors Publish Date: 2012-06-29

Switchcraft's shielded Tini-QG® connectors are high quality, rugged connectors that include shielding from EMI and RF interference.

3.5 mm Inline Jacks Publish Date: 2013-02-25

Switchcraft's 3.5 mm inline jack made from a solid metal housing simplifies terminations and allows up to 5,000 insertion/withdrawal cycle ratings.

EN2™ Sealed Cord Connector Publish Date: 2013-06-04

Switchcraft's EN2 sealed cord connectors with a lifetime rating of 600 insertion/withdraw cycles and an operating temperature range of -40˚C to 85˚C.

Mil-E-Qual® Panel Connectors Publish Date: 2013-06-06

Switchcraft's Mil E Qual® connectors are available in 29 standard Mil-C-5015 insert configurations from 2 to 37 positions, utilizing #16 and #12 size contacts.

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Image of Switchcraft Conxall's Mini-Con-X Connector

Shielded Mini-Con-X® Connector

Utilizing a separate o-ring, Mini Con X® connectors are available up to 4-#16 pins/sockets, 6-#20 pins/sockets, 5-#16 cable end socket and 7&8-#20 cable end sockets. Meets NEMA 6P when mated. Learn More

Image of Switchcraft Conxall's 35LJN Series

3.5 mm Inline Jacks

3.5 mm inline jacks with sturdy solid metal housing. Rated to 5,000 insertion/ withdrawal cycles. Two piece design simplifies terminations. Mates with 35HD series locking or non-locking plugs. Learn More

Image of Switchcraft Conxall's EH Series

EH Series Audio/Video/Data Connectors

Switchcraft's EH Series is the fastest and most versatile way to create a custom panel or wall plate perfectly suited to meet the needs of any studio, broadcast facility, or systems integrator. Customize your studio, make it easy to access your I/O's, and increase the lifespan of expensive pieces of equipment using EH Series connectors. Learn More

Image of Switchcraft Conxall's Jacks-Plugs

Right Angle DC Locking Power Jacks

Similar to the PC712A, PC722A, and PC732A, the new versions have RAPC terminals to allow right angle mounting to the PC board. The new versions have threaded bushings to allow use of both standard and locking power plugs. The L versions of the new power jacks have a longer bushing (0.319”)to accommodate thicker panel mount applications. Learn More

Image of Switchcraft Conxall's EN3 Right Angle

EN3® Right-Angle Weather-tight Connectors

Utilizing an integral O-Ring/gasket, EN3® connectors are available in 2-18 pins/sockets in the same housing size, bayonet locking, cable end, cable-to-cable, panel mount,right angle panel mount, solder, pc, crimp contacts, caps. Meets enclosure rating IP66/IP68 and NEMA 250 when mated or covered. Learn More

Image of Switchcraft Conxall's DC Power Plugs

Miniature 2.1 mm Power Plugs

Part of Switchcraft’s 2-Conductor Power Plug Family. Industry standard 2.1mm configuration.   Molded plastic handles available in either black or red.  The sleeve terminal serves as a cord clamp – fully compatible with Switchcrafts mating power jacks.  Ideal for attaching extra-low voltage devices, such as consumer electronics equipment to external power. Learn More

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Sealed Power Plugs and Jacks Publish Date: 2012-04-30

Cost effective, rugged, easy to install, and deliver an excellent compact connection to deliver applications in harsh environments.

Duration: 5 minutes

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Welcome to Switchcraft

An inside look at Switchcraft/Conxall.

Switchcraft Pro Audio - RMAS1 3-Way Mic Splitter

The Switchcraft® RMAS1 is a passive 3-way transformer isolated microphone splitter ideal for sending a single balanced audio input to 3 unique destinations.

Switchcraft Pro Audio - 900 Series Direct Box with Phantom Lift

The 900 Series Instrument Direct Box from Switchcraft features our patented Phantom Lift technology, which allows the DI 's ground lift switch to be controlled remotely using phantom power from nearly any audio console.

Switchcraft Pro Audio - 700 Series DI Boxes

The 700 Series A/V Direct Box converts the outputs of equipment such as MP3 players, laptops and DJ mixers to balanced, mic level signals that can be connected to audio consoles, mic preamps and house sound systems.

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