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Image of United Chemi-Con's MZS Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
MZS Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

United Chemi-Con’s MZS series SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors are recommended for smoothing, filtering, and hold-up for high-performance applications.

DFS20/DFS21/DFS22/DFS25 Encoders - SICK
DFS20/DFS21/DFS22/DFS25 Encoders

The DFS2x family of products from SICK are high-resolution incremental encoders that provide industry standard 2 inch and 2.5 inch mechanical interfaces.

Image of Broadcom's ASSR-601J Solid State Relay
ASSR-601J Solid State Relay

Broadcom's ASSR-601J high-voltage solid state relay functions like a bidirectional switch with no output power requirements.

Image of Microchip's PG164100 SNAP Debugger
PG164100 Snap Debugger/Programmer

Microchip's PG164100 MPLAB® Snap In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer allows affordable, fast, and easy debugging and programming.

Image of Texas Instruments' DRV8304 Three-Phase Smart Gate Driver
DRV8304 Three-Phase Smart Gate Driver

Texas Instruments' three-phase, smart gate driver offers a wide range of integrated protecting features along with high-level device integration.

Image of Texas Instruments' TPSM84209 Power Module
TPSM84209 Power Module

TI's TPSM84209 step-down DC/DC power module features exposed bottom pads that provide a thermally enhanced solution for space-constrained applications.

Image of Texas Instruments' THVD1450 RS-485 Transceiver
THVD1450 RS-485 Transceiver

TI's THVD1450 consists of half-duplex and full-duplex RS-485 transceivers used for asynchronous data transmissions available in two speed grades.

Image of Molex's Mega-Fit Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Discrete Wire Cable Assemblies
Mega-Fit Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Discrete Wire Cable Assemblies

Molex's off-the-shelf Mega-Fit cable assemblies come in a variety of cable lengths with compact connectors to support both prototyping and global production.

Image of Texas Instruments' ADS7142 Nanopower, Dual-Channel, Programmable Sensor Monitor
ADS7142 Sensor Monitor

Texas Instruments' ADS7142 is a nanopower, dual-channel, programmable sensor monitor suitable for space-constrained and battery-powered applications.

ix Industrial® Ethernet Connectivity - HARTING
ix Industrial® Ethernet Connectivity

HARTING offers its ix Industrial® Ethernet connectivity which is stronger and takes up 70% less space than a standard RJ45 solution.

Impel Backplane Cable Assembly - Molex
Impel Backplane Cable Assembly

Molex's impel cable assemblies deliver next-generation data rates with industry-leading signal integrity and density in a complete backplane solution.

Image of NimbeLink's End-Device Certified Modem for the Verizon Network
End-Device Certified Modem for the Verizon Network

NimbeLink's NL-SW-LTE-S7618RD for the Verizon Network is end-device certified and enables the fast and cost-effective time to market.

Image of Texas Instruments' LMK05028 Low-Jitter Network Synchronizer Clock
LMK05028 Network Synchronizer Clock

TI's LMK05028 network synchronizer clock features four reference inputs, two independent PLL channels, and eight output clocks with RMS phase jitter.

Image of KEMET's MIL-PRF-32535 BME Ceramic Caps
MIL-PRF-32535 Base-Metal Electrode (BME) Ceramic Caps

KEMET's MIL-PRF-32535 are the first military qualified BME ceramic capacitors and the first DLA specification to recognize a flexible termination option.

Flexi-Latch Right-Angle FPC-to-Board Connector System - Molex
Flexi-Latch™ Right-Angle FPC-to-Board Connector System

Molex's Flexi-Latch™ connectors provide superior cable retention force versus standard FPC connectors and applied cost savings versus wire-to-board systems.