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- Headquartered in a new 22,000 square foot facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, Mallory Sonalert Products, Inc. is a leader in the manufacture and development of Sonalert® electronic audible signal products. The company has made its trademarked Sonalert line for over thirty years. In addition to sonalert products, Mallory also distributes a full range of audible signal devices including transducers, indicators, sirens, buzzers and related hardware to a broad range of customers in industrial, military and consumer electronic markets.

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Miniature Speaker Series of Audible Alarms Publish Date: 2009-10-01

Mallory introduces the miniature speaker series with a Mylar speaker diaphragm and is water resistant. It can also achieve very low frequency ratings.

MSS5M1 Medical Alarm Publish Date: 2010-11-09

Mallory's MSS5M1 can be configured to provide alarm signals based on priority.

Miniature Loud Low-Voltage Buzzers Publish Date: 2011-06-06

Mallory Sonalert presents miniature board mount buzzers that feature the perfect combinations of small size, low voltage, and loud sound levels.

PH Series Speaker Horns and Loudspeakers Publish Date: 2011-06-06

Mallory Sonalert introduces a speaker horn and loudspeaker line.

22 mm Panel Alarm ZA Series Publish Date: 2012-06-29

Mallory's ZA series of 22 mm panel alarms features sound levels up to 95 dB at 2 feet and is UL/CSA approved.

MSS5M0 IEC60601-1-8 Medical Alarm Publish Date: 2014-07-31

Mallory's MSS5M0 medical alarms emits an 85 dB at 10 cm continuous sound with 975 Hz fundamental frequency.

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IEC60601-1-8 Compliant Medical Alarms Publish Date: 2010-12-03

The main requirements of the IEC60601-1-8 and four compliant alarm devices from Mallory Sonalert.

Duration: 10 minutes
Sonalert Panel Mount SCE Series Publish Date: 2011-10-31

Compact and rugged panel mount design, terminal block termination system, and four sound levels make the SCE series suitable for any industrial or outdoors use.

Duration: 10 minutes
Sonalert 22mm Panel Alarm Series Publish Date: 2013-12-10

Offering 90 new ultra-compact audible alarm models for industrial warning applications.

Duration: 10 minutes