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Johanson Dielectrics, Inc.

- Johanson Dielectrics, Inc. has over 30 years experience supplying high quality ceramic chip capacitors to customers around the world. Our business philosophy is simple: Grow profitably by totally satisfying our customers' requirements for high quality, technologically advanced ceramic electronic components.


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Image of Johanson's X2Y Ceramic Capacitors

X2Y® Ceramic Capacitors

Johanson's X2Y filter capacitors are immune to temperature, voltage, and aging performance differences.

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Image of Johanson Dielectrics' SC Series Safety Certified Capacitors

SC Series Safety Certified Capacitors

EMI filtering of AC line and voltage surge applications such as network infrastructure, power management, telecom, and office equipment.

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Product Training Modules View All (4)

AC Voltage PCB Design

High Voltage PCB Design for Arc Prevention

Duration: 10 minutes

PCB layout recommendations given to improve the arching performance of mounted high voltage ceramic capacitors and discuss results from PCB design tests.

Safety Certified Capacitors

Introduction to Safety Certified Capacitors

Duration: 5 minutes

Designed for surge and impulse protection, safety certified capacitors shunt impulse energy to ground and protect the circuit and user from high voltage surges.

Balance by Design in Capacitors

Introduction to X2Y® Capacitors

Duration: 5 minutes

Yields low inductance and tight balance despite its simple structure. Versatile and suitable for decoupling, bypassing, and EMI filtering applications.

MLCC Basics

MLCC Basics

Duration: 10 minutes

The manufacturing process, materials systems, basic specifications of ceramic capacitors, and characteristics of ceramic chip capacitors are explained.