- EasyBraid - Established in 1989 EasyBraid is a manufacturer of supplies and equipment used in the PCB assembly industry. We strive to deliver a complete solution to quality inspection and repair/rework needs. EasyBraid's desoldering braid is manufactured using environmentally safe chemicals and processed in our Minnesota facility. It is made of clean, oxide-free copper and contains increased surface area (more copper) per square inch, for economical and consistent results. We also offer a wide range of products that include stencil rolls, solder soakers, swabs, soldering products and fume extraction.


Quick Braid™

Image of Menda/Easy Braid Quick Braid

The closed weave design of Quick Braid requires less time for desoldering, thus minimizing lifted pads and thermal damage and absorbing more solder mass. Learn More

Sea Braid™

Image of Menda/Easy Braid's Sea Braid

Sea Braid is ready to use with the flux of your choice. Learn More

One Step LF™

Image of Menda/Easy Braid's One Step LF

Made using ultra-fine, copper braided into a weave configuration maximizing thermal conduction and solder retention with the One Step LF. Learn More

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Circular Connector Covers

Menda/EasyBraid's circular connector covers are properly sized for a secure fit to keep the connectors clean and prevent them from falling off. Learn More

Menda/EasyBraid Glass Dispensers

Menda/EasyBraid's 1 oz. clear glass dispensers are designed to decant small amounts of chemicals from heavy bulk containers for everyday use in labs and work spaces. Learn More

Menda/EasyBraid Flux-Dispensing Bottles with Needle Tips

Menda/EasyBraid introduces low-density polyethylene (LDPE) durAstatic™ liquid dispensing flux bottles with needle tips. Learn More

Menda Impact-Resistant Amber Bottles

Menda/EasyBraid introduces their Menda impact resistant amber bottles for improved handling, filling, and transporting of liquids and chemicals. Learn More

Menda/EasyBraid's Conductive and Dissipative ESD Brushes

Menda/EasyBraid's ESD brushes are ideal for removing dust, dirt, and leftover materials from printed circuit boards (PCB) and other static sensitive components. Learn More

Menda 120 VAC Fume Diverter

Menda/EasyBraid's compact 120 VAC fume diverter redirects soldering smoke, making for a more safe and comfortable process. Learn More

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Menda - ESD Blow Vac

An overview and the features of the Menda portable Blow Vac

Menda - Cleaning the Menda Pump Dispenser

Cleaning the Menda pump mechanism. Some fluid types could leave a residue in the pump mechanism of the dispenser and in time will cause the pump unit to become sluggish or sticky.

EasyBraid - Desoldering Braid

EasyBraid desoldering braid is used in the rework and repair of printed circuit boards, computers, cell phones or other electronics.

Menda/EasyBraid Solder Sponges

Theses sponges remove oxides and excess solder from the soldering iron tip and extend the tip life.

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