- E-Switch, Inc. is a leading electromechanical switch supplier that offers one of the broadest switch lines available today. Product offerings continue to expand each year with new product introductions that cater to markets including; industrial, electronics, audio/visual, medical devices and equipment, fitness and wellness, computer peripheral, consumer, appliance and many others. Customer demand has prompted the addition of several new products, including new series of tact, snap-action; slide, sealed, illuminated and anti-vandal pushbutton switches; SMT pushbutton switches; and illuminated rocker switches. E-Switch has been delivering innovative and quality switches to the global market since 1979.


Anti-Vandal Switches

E-Switch Anti-Vandal

Anti-vandal switches from E-Switch are available in various power ratings, panel cutout sizes, and are rated up to IP67. Available at DigiKey today! Learn More

Panel Mount Switches

E-Switch Panel Mount

E-Switch offers a variety of termination style panel mount switches to fit the needs of your design. Available at DigiKey today! Learn More

Wearables & Micro Miniature Switches

E-Switch Wearables

E-Switch’s miniature switches are small, miniature sized switch ideal for saving space in wearable designs and handheld devices. Available at DigiKey today! Learn More

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LP1 Series Illuminated Pushbutton Switch Publish Date: 2009-06-13

E-Switch's LP1 series features an illuminated round pushbutton switch that has multiple LED color options. This switch is panel mount and momentary.

LP4 Series Switches Publish Date: 2009-08-29

E-Switch's LP4 series, illuminated pushbutton switch features multiple LED color options, multiple cap sizes/options and two termination options.

TS2 Series Switches Publish Date: 2009-11-26

E-Switch's TS2 series subminiature switch features surface mount termination. Its small package size is designed for higher reliability applications.

RRA Series Round Rocker Switch Publish Date: 2010-01-13

The E-Switch RRA Series round rocker switch has a PVC cap for water protection and full illumination options, high power ratings with UL approvals.

ST3 Series Power Toggle Switch Publish Date: 2010-01-29

The E-Switch ST3 series triple-pole power toggle switch features a heavy duty rating with UL approvals as well as a 6.3mm tab terminal.

PV7 Series Anti-Vandal Pushbutton Switch Publish Date: 2010-02-03

The E-Switch PV7 Series anti-vandal pushbutton switch features a metal body and actuator with a 22mm diameter panel cutout. PV7 Series is water resistant.

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Switch Basics Publish Date: 2011-10-27

Introduction to common switch types offered by E-Switch along with their mechanical and electrical functions, processes, common applications, and rating.

Duration: 20 minutes
Power Switch Overview Publish Date: 2011-11-11

E-Switch offers a wide selection of power switches available with many different options to meet most power switching application needs.

Duration: 15 minutes
R7 Series Power Rocker Switch Publish Date: 2014-03-18

Single or double pole options available, comes with a choice of either 2-position or 3-position circuit functionality, and up to 2 LED colors per switch.

Duration: 10 minutes
Anti-Vandal ULV Series Publish Date: 2016-03-23

Overview of E-Switch's ULV Series of Anti-vandal switches.

Duration: 10 minutes

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E-Switch - Anti-vandal Switches

Anti-vandal switches can be found on elevators and kiosk applications. With a wide variety of options, including illuminated, sealed and long life expectancy.

TL3750 Series Ultra-Miniature Tact Switch from E-Switch

Watch this video for information about our ultra-miniature tact switch.

Do you need a Switch

A step by step process of specifying a switch.

TL6210 Series Tact Switch From E-Switch

The TL6210 Series Tact Switch from E-Switch - SEALED, ILLUMINATED, MINIATURE AND SURFACE MOUNT!! A very unique switch that solves the problem of small space for many design engineers who want a lot of features with a tiny footprint.

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