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- Coto Technology is the world leader in Small Signal Switching Solutions, providing high quality products and application design support to customers in a broad range of markets including Automatic Test Equipment, Data Acquisition, Instrumentation, Process Control, Telecommunications, Consumer, Medical and Security markets.

Product lines include Classic Reed Relays, Molded Reed Switches and CotoMOS® Solid State Relays.

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9094 High Power Miniature SIP Relays Publish Date: 2011-11-08

Coto Technology's 9094 series miniature SIP relays are the high power, 20 W versions of Coto's industry standard 9091 MiniSIP relays.

Multi-Pole Reed Relays Publish Date: 2013-06-17

Coto's multi-pole reed relays are designed for automatic test equipment and instrumentation requiring 125°C operations.

CotoMOS® 128 Series Publish Date: 2014-05-15

Coto Technology offers the CotoMOS® 128 Series MOSFET Relay, a high current MOSFET Relay that features a 4.5A switching capability and a low on resistance.

CT05 and CT10 Molded Reed Switches Publish Date: 2016-05-19

Coto Technology classic molded switches are the single-pole, single throw (SPST) type, having normally open ruthenium contacts.

9104 High-Voltage SIP Relay Publish Date: 2016-06-01

Coto Technology’s 9104 series adds high-voltage switching capability and high-voltage standoff capability to a SIP relay package.

CotoMOS® High-Voltage, High-Current Relays Publish Date: 2016-06-13

Coto Technology's CotoMOS 140 series solid state relay for high-voltage switching applications has a load voltage of 1500 V and a load current of 4 mA maximum.

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Image of Coto Technology's 2362 Surface-Mount 2-Form C Relay

2362 Surface-Mount 2-Form C Relay

The 2362, which is a surface-mount version of Coto’s popular 2342 2-Form C pico relay, offers a proven reed design with longer life than competing 2-Form C EMR products. The 2362 is ideally suited to the needs of automatic test equipment, instrumentation, and telecommunication applications to increase system reliability and life where high density is required. Learn More

Image of Coto Technology's 9104 High-Voltage SIP Relay

9104 High-Voltage SIP Relay

The 9104 series adds high voltage switching capability and high voltage standoff capability to a SIP relay package. These high-voltage, high-performance relays are ideally suited for automatic test equipment, instrumentation, and process-control applications where voltage isolation is a key design requirement. Learn More

Image of Coto Technology's 9913 Ultra-Miniature Surface Mount Relay

9913 Ultra-Miniature Surface-Mount Relay

With a footprint of only 0.054 in2, the 9913 has the smallest footprint available in the market today. The 9913 series is ideally suited to the needs of the automatic test equipment, instrumentation, and telecommunications designer. Learn More

Image of Coto Technology's CT05 Encapsulated Molded Switch

CT05 Encapsulated Molded Switch

Coto’s CT05, the world’s smallest molded switch, has a 5 W rating and is available in gull wing and J-lead configurations for SMD mounting. With rugged encapsulation, the CT05 is ideal for proximity sensing, medical applications, hearing aids, and pulse counters. All CT05’s are tested after lead cropping/bending and encapsulation. Learn More

Image of Coto Technology's CT10 Encapsulated Molded Switch

CT10 Encapsulated Molded Switch

The CT10 has a 10 W rating and is available in axial, gull wing, and J-lead configurations. With rugged encapsulation, the CT10 is particularly useful for applications under harsh environmental conditions. The CT10 is ideal for use with proximity sensing, security alarm sensors, level sensors, metering or flow sensors, and pulse counters. All CT10’s are tested after lead cropping/bending and encapsulation. Learn More



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Reed Switch Basics Publish Date: 2011-10-26

Review reed switch basics and discover how their fast, dependable, and versatility allows them to be used in a variety of relay and sensor applications.

Duration: 8 minutes

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RedRock TMR Magnetic Sensor Level Sensing Demo vs Reed Technology

A Liquid Level Sensing application is featured using a level sensing demo which compares the typical use of older technology (reed switches) with the smaller, more efficient, precise, cost-effective TMR magnetic sensor technology.

RedRock® TMR Magnetic Sensors Demo Board Overview

Coto Technology Applications Engineer, Tony Parakka, provides a peek at Coto’s TMR demo board featuring RedRock® TMR magnetic sensor products: RR111 (Analog Output Sensor); RR121 (Bipolar Digital Latching Sensor) and RR121 (Digital Omnipolar).

Introduction to Reed Switches, Magnets and Magnetic Fields

This brief introductory video offers design tips for electronic engineers designing with reed switches. Dr. Stephen Day, Ph.D. offers a brief overview on reed switches with a detailed explanation as to how they react to magnetic fields.

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