Bivar, Inc.

- Bivar, Inc. is a leading specialty manufacturer of Enclosure Hardware, LED Indication, and LED Lighting products and solutions that enhance the value of high technology. Bivar's products display practicality and are designed to meet the increased demand for new technology across a growing range of applications.

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LPR and LPV Rigid Light Pipes

Bivar's LPR and LPV rigid light pipes provide zero light bleed at the source and are available in a range of sizes and lens styles. Learn More

SMD LED SM0402 Series

Bivar Incorporated's surface-mount 0402 packaged LED is designed to be the ideal choice for smaller handheld devices but can be used in nearly any lighting or indication applications. Learn More

SM Series Mid-Power White LEDs

Bivar's mid-power surface-mount LEDs offer quality light transmission, even distribution, and enhanced application design. Learn More

PLPC, PLW5, and PLPQ Series Rigid Light Pipes

Bivar's PLPC series (flush-mount), PLW5 series (wide-capture), and PLPQ series (square) rigid light pipes are an optimal solution for directing light from board-mounted LEDs to an outside panel. Learn More

PLP1, PLP2, and PLP5 Series Smoke Lenses

Bivar offers the PLP1, PLP2, and PLP3 series rigid light pipe smoked lenses. They provide quality light distribution, greater ESD protection, and enhanced application design. Learn More

SMD 0603 UV Series LEDs

Bivar’s UV series LEDs feature a water clear lens and wide-viewing angle in an industry standard 0603 package. Learn More

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Panel Mount Assemblies Publish Date: 2011-08-24

Weather resistant and general use panel mount assemblies from Bivar give designers the flexibility to creatively use LEDs to incorporate light into any design.

Duration: 5 minutes
Light Pipes Publish Date: 2011-04-05

Bivar's flexible and rigid light pipes afford flexibility and creativity not available with LEDs alone.

Duration: 5 minutes

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Bivar’s Moving Light to the Front Panel Campaign Video

As a leading specialty provider of LED indication products, Bivar offers a variety of off-the-shelf and custom solutions to efficiently move light to the front panel in any number of consumer or industrial end-products.

Califia Lighting Overview

Califia Lighting, a Bivar company, offers energy-efficient LED lighting solutions to companies transitioning from traditional lighting sources to solid state lighting.


Califia Lighting is available for small, medium and large Enclosure and Cabinet lighting projects.


Califia Lighting is designed and built for long term use across multiple projects. Lights are UL certified with documentation for additional certifications.

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