Configurable Power Supplies

Artesyn Embedded Technologies, a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity, and efficiency of critical infrastructure, offers a broad range of standard and configurable power supply solutions. In an effort to offer further flexibility and control, Artesyn has introduced an innovative line of configurable power supplies that enable design engineers the luxury of tailoring the power supply to their implementation, rather than settling for whatever is available.

The iMP, iVS, and µMP lines of configurable power supplies offer a myriad of choices regarding wattage, case size, and number of slots. Wattages range from 400 W up to as high as 4920 W output capability.

MP series of modular ac-dc power supplies enable customers to configure power supplies with up to 1,200 watts output capability.

The cutting-edge iMP, iVS, and µMP series each have full Medical EN60601 approval and includes features such as intelligent user monitoring and control, smart fan control, and overcurrent protection, all packaged in some of the lowest profile supplies on the market.

Selecting a high efficiency, high temp, configurable power supply from Artesyn Embedded Technologies will take the hassle out of selecting a power supply and thereby cut costs by reducing time to market.


iMP Series

iVS Series

µMP Series

iHP Series

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