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8/28/2019 Liquid-Tight, Strain Relief Cordgrips (1427CG Series) - Hammond Mfg.
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Use With Wire Diameter Mounting Hole
Part No. Min Max Diameter
1427CG7 0.10 0.26 0.49
1427CG9 0.14 0.32 0.60
1427CG13 0.24 0.47 0.80
1427CG16 0.35 0.55 0.89
1427CG21 0.51 0.71 1.11
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Liquid-Tight, Strain Relief Cordgrips 1427CG Series
We've introduced two new lines of cord grips which are available made from
nylon (1427NCG) or nickel-plated brass (1427BCG) and in a wide variety of sizes.
Black nylon, liquid-tight cordgrip.
Used where cable is entering or leaving an enclosure.
Accepts a wide range of cable diameters due to large opening and highly flexible strain
relief elements, together with a TPE sealing ring.
The strain relief elements tighten in a circular sequence on the sealing ring to give
outstanding strain relief without twisting or damaging the cable.
Use the cordgrip with the smallest maximum diameter that will fit your application (see
table below).
Nylon locknut included (as shown).
Designed to meet NEMA Type 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 12 & 13 - Protection to IP68.
UL94-V2 flammability rating.
UL, CSA & VDE listed.
For a wider selection of cord grips, try our updated product lines:
1427NCG - nylon cord grips
1427BCG - brass cord grips
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