Video Series - New Product Discoveries with Randall Restle


Electronics and technology continue to become more and more important in our society and Digi-Key’s mission is to expand the industry’s broadest inventory to keep up with the new demand. As the head of our Applications Engineering area, I get to preview some of the “hottest” products and get exposure to the “coolest” new technologies. Then I thought to myself, “How could I share these innovative products with the EE community?” To answer that question, this week I’m starting a video series called New Product Discoveries with Randall Restle.

Every other week, I’ll feature one or two new and innovative products that I think are worth highlighting and that I hope you’ll find interesting enough to want to come back and check out other videos. These are products and technologies that I think engineers and Maker-Pros should know more about. There’s no supplier dollars backing these selections – just my thoughts from one tech junkie to another.

Following my videos, we’ll also feature some of our industry-leading technical resources demonstrating how to use these products for specific projects. Then, they’ll also be doing some advanced troubleshooting on potential issues that they’ve seen occur and providing additional useful information.

The goal of this video series is to try and give you the best information and education on parts, products and technologies to help you be the finest engineer or maker possible. Happy Tinkering and I look forward to sharing this series with you.

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Randall Restle, vicepresidente de ingeniería de aplicaciones de Digi-Key Electronics, es responsable de evaluar, diseñar y dirigir a un equipo de ingenieros de aplicaciones, técnicos y personal de gestión cualificados para dirigir la estrategia técnica de Digi-Key de servir a los clientes en la selección y uso de productos de tecnología avanzada. Se unió a Digi-Key en 2011 después de 35 años en ingeniería, diseñando circuitos digitales y analógicos, placas de circuitos impresos y software embebido. Randall tiene títulos de BSEE, MS y MBA de la Universidad de Cincinnati. También es miembro senior del IEEE, ha sido Ingeniero Profesional Registrado en el estado de Ohio, Profesional Certificado en Administración de Proyectos con el Project Management Institute y es el inventor de varias patentes.

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