Bi-Directional DC/DC Controllers for 48 V/12 V Dual Battery Automotive Systems

The usable limit of the traditional 12-volt automotive electrical system has been reached. The solution, combine the existing system with a 48 V rail.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-08-16
Using Google’s Vision API For Low-Cost, Cloud-Enabled Embedded Image Recognition

With a low-cost microcontroller, developers can use Google Vision APIs for cloud-based image recognition.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-08-15
Quickly Develop Custom, HP Test Instrumentation Using Off-the-Shelf Boards and Open Source Software

Using the Red Pitaya Open Instrumentation Platform and an array of open development tools, developers can create their own test and measurement systems.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-08-14
Issues with the I²C (Inter-IC) Bus and How to Solve Them

How to avoid common issues when working with I2C.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-08-09
How Industrial Strength Cables Improve Efficiency, Reliability, and Overall Cost of Ownership

Choosing the right cables for industrial applications is critical for efficiency, reliability, system up-time, and overall cost of ownership.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-08-08
Use the Right DC/DC Regulator to Meet Advanced ADAS Requirements

ADAS functions require DC/DC regulators which can meet challenging environmental, vibration, performance, and space requirements.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-08-07
Use HyperBus to Expand Memory in Tiny IoT and Wearable Designs to Save Space and Cost

HyperBus is an ideal 8-bit, high-speed memory interface for memory expansion of small projects where board space is at a premium.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-08-01
Build a Secure, Low-Power Bluetooth Hub and Sensor Network

Using Bluetooth hardware kits and associated software, developers can rapidly deploy secure Bluetooth connectivity between a hub and multiple sensors.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-07-31
Medical Power Solutions – Standards Deliver Safety

An examination of some of the key principles of IEC 60601 as they relate to implementation of the power supply and the need for risk assessment.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-07-26
Get Embedded Microprocessor/FPGA Combo Designs Up and Running Fast with SoMs

SoMs based on SoCs that incorporate both processors and FPGAs form the foundation for a flexible design approach to embedded systems with reduced design risk.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-07-25
Electromechanical Relays Versus Contactors: How to Match the Type to the Application

Electromechanical relays and contactors both switch power loads, but contactors are designed to switch much higher voltages and currents.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-07-24
How to Optimize Display Brightness for Low Power in Real Time

Ambient light sensors are ideal 16-bit light-to-digital converters that are instrumental when saving LCD battery power.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-07-19
Get to Know Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen (LSZH) Cables: They Can Save Lives

Low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) cables can save lives, but designers need to understand where, when, and how to use them.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-07-18
Hardware Softwarization

The trend toward more programmable hardware is accelerating. Embedded engineers are now being pushed to think like modern software developers.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-07-17
How to Quickly Add a Facial Recognition Camera to an MCU

Developers can quickly add facial recognition to an embedded system with an off-the-shelf microcontroller and camera combination.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-07-12
Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Midrange Current DC/DC Regulator Modules

Low voltage, medium current DC/DC regulator modules simplify providing DC rails, but there are some guidelines to follow to maximize their performance.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-07-11
Use Off-the-Shelf ICs to Simplify Power Management in Multiport PoE+ Systems

Power management chips make it easy to design, configure and supervise multiport PoE+ systems.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-07-10
Creating a Custom Wireless Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

A wireless PLC provides embedded developers with an alternative method to develop real-time applications using ladder logic.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-06-27
Speed Development of Secure Cellular Connected IoT Applications

Using an all-inclusive development kit and software environment, IoT developers can rapidly implement secure cellular connectivity.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-06-26
A Simple Solution Simplifies Authentication to Ensure Device Security

Dedicated ICs simplify implementation of authentication mechanisms needed to ensure security in systems ranging from complex IoT devices to simple peripherals.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-06-21
How to Select, Use, and Maintain Coaxial Connectors for RF Applications

RF coaxial connectors are deceptively simple, so choose carefully and take proper precautions to ensure RF system connection success and longevity.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-06-20
Makers and Engineers: Get to Know Your Instrumentation Amplifier for Accurate IoT Data Capture

Instrumentation amplifiers (INAs) accurately capture low-level differential signals from a sensor, but users need to choose and apply them carefully.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-06-19
Design Location Tracking Systems Quickly Using GNSS Modules

GNSS modules simplify and accelerate RTLS design, while lowering the cost and size of asset tracking and other location identification applications.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-06-13
Develop the Right Power Over Ethernet System for Industrial LED Smart Lighting

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is ideal for smart lighting in industrial applications, but designers need to ensure standards compatibility and optimum efficiency.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-06-11
Use a Crypto Chip to Add Secure Boot to IoT Device Designs

By connecting a secure IC and MCU through a serial interface, developers can dramatically enhance security and ensure secure boot in their IoT designs.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-06-06
Hands On: Working with LED Ribbons Part 2 – Color Matching Microwave Oven Lighting

LED ribbons are a simple way for Makers and DIY fans to add low-voltage LED illumination to a variety of in-home locations but watch for color matching.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-06-05
Using RS-485 and Current Loop Interfaces for Robust Industrial Connectivity

Aided by ICs providing the functions and features needed for today’s designs, the RS-485 and 20 mA interfaces for industrial transducers still have major roles.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-05-30
How to Quickly Implement a Qi Standard Compliant Wireless Charging System

Rapidly implement Qi compliant 15 Watt wireless power transmitters and receivers using an STWLC33 receiver and STWBC-EP controller.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-05-30
Los estándares para equipos médicos 4ª edición y su impacto en la selección de la fuente de alimentación y otros temas.

Los estándares técnicos IEC 60601-1 para equipos médicos eléctricos están a punto de cambiar y CUI dispone de fuentes de alimentación disponibles ahora para responder a estas nuevas normas.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-05-24
Choosing and Using the Right Flash Memory Technology for IoT Program Memory Applications

How a microcontroller in an IoT node can reliably and repeatedly execute an embedded operating system like Linux from a flash microSDHC card.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-05-23
Use a Raspberry Pi and Mozilla Open Framework to Rapidly Develop an IoT Gateway

Developers can create an IoT gateway simply by loading free firmware from Mozilla into a Raspberry Pi.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-05-22
Implemente rápidamente un sistema de localización en tiempo real con precisión de 10 cm.

Un módulo combina un transceptor de banda ultraancha, MCU de Bluetooth y sensor de movimiento para proporcionar un sistema de localización en tiempo real compatible con los estándares de baja potencia.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-05-17
Hands On: Working with LED Ribbons Part 1 – Creating Residential Under Cabinet Lighting

SMT LED strips and ribbons, combined with a power supply and RF remote controller, make for a fun, useful, and rewarding DIY low-voltage lighting project.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-05-16
Analog Devices Enables Industrial Automation Transitions

Industry 4.0 offers increased safety, reliability, and productivity. However, many challenges arise when edge devices are connected to TSN enabled networks.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-05-15
Updating Firmware at the Edge Using Amazon FreeRTOS

The Amazon FreeRTOS bootloader solution allows IoT developers to easily update their firmware over the air (OTA).

Fecha de publicación: 2018-05-09
Welcome to the Wireless Menagerie: RF Bands and Protocol Choices for Embedded Developers, Part 2

Embedded developers needing wireless connectivity for their IoT designs have many options, but they need to choose and apply RF connectivity with great care.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-05-08
Designing Bluetooth Low Energy Smart Applications with Bluetooth Mesh - Part 2

Bluetooth mesh is complex, but using IC vendor solutions and development tools, designers can build smart Bluetooth mesh networked applications quickly.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-05-02
How to Optimize Energy Use in IoT Edge Devices

The Otii Arc from Qoitech AB makes it easy to analyze an embedded IoT device’s energy profile so it can be better optimized for longer battery life.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-05-01
Welcome to the Wireless Menagerie: RF Bands and Protocol Choices for Embedded Developers, Part 1

To embed wireless connectivity for the IoT, designers need to understand how to evaluate the various interfaces to best meet their application requirements.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-04-25
How to Isolate High Voltages in Single-Supply Industrial Robotic Systems

High voltage differentials in industrial automation systems can create havoc without the proper application of galvanic isolation techniques.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-04-24
Take the Fast Track to Bluetooth 5 Mesh Networking

A hardware module and software package provide developers with a complete low-power solution to quickly implement Bluetooth mesh networking.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-04-18
How to Apply PSI5 for Reliable Sensor Intensive Automotive Safety

When adding sensors to automobiles, use the simple PSI5 bus for safe, reliable, low-cost, and secure sensor to ECU communications.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-04-17
Connectors – The Basics

Understanding the available connectors and associated specification requirements that need to be considered is important throughout any design process.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-04-12
Rapidly Build Mesh Connected Lighting Applications with Zigbee and Thread

A connected lighting kit and associated software environment provide a comprehensive platform for developing mesh network automation applications.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-04-11
How to Combine High and Low Voltages in a Single Design

Low voltage and high voltage circuits can be combined effectively and safely with good design approaches, solid power solutions, and adherence to standards.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-04-10
Texas Instruments’ Industry 4.0 Portfolio

Texas Instruments has put together a portfolio of products which can help make a manufacturer’s jump into Industry 4.0 a reality.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-04-05
Combine Arduino with Open-Source RISC-V Architecture for Low-Cost, High-Performance Embedded Design

Embedded developers that need more performance from a board with the Arduino Uno form factor can now use the open-source RISC-V based HiFive1 dev kit.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-04-04
Match the Right ADC to the Application

Matching ADCs to the right application requires an understanding of the various topologies and the problems they are designed to overcome.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-04-03
How to Monitor Soil pH and Moisture Level

Use an Arduino compatible shield and baseboard as a complete soil monitoring solution, as well as a development platform for custom designs.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-29
How to Rapidly Add NFC Capability to Any Application

Developers can use an MCU with built-in NFC to simplify custom designs or use its associated development board and software as a complete NFC solution.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-28
LTE Cat M1 Modules Provide an Alternative to Broadband and Smartphones for Assisted Living Systems

LTE Cat M1 cellular modules provide a link for connected healthcare solutions in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-27
Use Readily Available Components to Generate Pseudo-Random Binary Sequences and White Noise

Here is a quick and inexpensive circuit that can be used to generate pseudo-random binary sequences and white noise.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-22
Diseño de aplicaciones inteligentes con Bluetooth de bajo consumo con Bluetooth Mesh: Parte 1

Bluetooth Mesh permite a los desarrolladores construir aplicaciones domésticas inteligentes en red basadas en Bluetooth de bajo consumo por primera vez.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-21
The Next Evolutionary Step in Drone Design

Field-oriented motor control and global navigation satellite systems sustain drone evolution.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-20
Take Advantage of IC Load Switches’ Features to Safely Minimize Power Consumption

Using load switches instead of standalone MOSFETs can provide greater flexibility, control, and protection for low-power circuits and system power management.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-15
Diseño de sistemas de monitoreo de gas precisos con dispositivos de resistencia química

Los sensores de resistencia química ofrecen una solución rentable para medir una amplia gama de gases, pero requieren una consideración cuidadosa de los circuitos de compatibilidad analógica.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-14
Sensing the World of Industrial Automation with MEMS Sensors

Low-power, high reliability MEMS sensors play a vital role in industrial automation applications.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-13
omniCOOL: La introducción de un enfoque único para el diseño del ventilador

CUI ha adoptado un nuevo enfoque para el diseño del cojinetes que cubre la brecha entre los cojinetes a bola y de manguito con sus ventiladores omniCOOL.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-08
Connect Designs Quickly and Securely to the Cloud Using Amazon FreeRTOS

Embedded developers can quickly connect their embedded systems securely to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Amazon FreeRTOS.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-07
Bringing EVs into the Smart Grid for Stability and Security

Standardizing the charging interface for electric vehicles promotes safety and power grid management.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-06
Safely Test Line-Powered Switched Mode Power Supplies

Testing line-powered switched mode power devices can be risky without the proper techniques, precautions, and accessories.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-03-01
Comparación de RF y Bluetooth

Las radios patentadas de RF y Bluetooth estándar tienen sus ventajas, pero una solución semipersonalizada puede reducir en gran medida los costos, al mismo tiempo que permite la diferenciación.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-02-28
Get High-Accuracy, Multi-Channel Temperature Measurements Regardless of Environment

With built-in support for standard temperature sensors, a single device provides a simpler, accurate solution to multi-sensor temperature measurement design.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-02-27
Pick the Right ADC to Minimize Display Flicker

Eliminate medical or instrumentation display flicker by applying formulas to help select an ADC with the right number of bits for the task.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-02-22
Take a Simpler Route to Low-Power, 9-Axis Motion Tracking

Designers can add low-power, 9-axis motion sensing to their MCU-based designs with minimal effort using a 3mm x 3mm TDK InvenSense module.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-02-21
IoT Prototype Development Using Readily Available Single Board Designs

Single board computers provide a platform for IoT prototype development.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-02-20
Use Gateways to Overcome Low-Power Wireless LAN-to-IoT Bridging Challenges

IoT gateways provide a drop-in solution to the problem of bridging low-power wireless networks to the Internet of Things.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-02-15
Quickly Build a Clinical-Grade Cardio Fitness Wearable with Minimal Parts Count

Drop-in solutions enable designers to deliver a wealth of clinical-grade measurements for sophisticated health and fitness applications.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-02-14
LED Lighting Provides Environmental Benefits with Added Bonuses

Solid-state lighting drivers simplify design challenges and provide additional functionality.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-02-13
How to Design for Reliable and Accurate Presence Sensing

Reliable and accurate presence sensing can be done efficiently using optical, ultrasonic, or magnetic sensor technologies, depending on the application.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-02-08
Field Control Leads to Better AC Motor Efficiency

Field-oriented control optimizes AC motor usage by providing greater precision and energy savings.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-02-07
Selección y uso de módulos Peltier avanzados para refrigeración termoeléctrica

La refrigeración termoeléctrica se ha convertido rápidamente en una proposición práctica para muchos tipos de equipos electrónicos. Los dispositivos en el mercado hoy en día son compactos y eficientes.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-02-06
Rapid Prototyping of Smart Voice Assistant Applications with Raspberry Pi

Developers can pair a Raspberry Pi 3 with development kits that provide quick access to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant capabilities.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-02-01
Construya un controlador industrial de bajo costo con la Raspberry Pi 3

Con el uso de Raspberry Pi 3 y placas adicionales, los desarrolladores pueden crear rápidamente sistemas de automatización industrial capaces de cumplir con los requisitos de una tienda pequeña.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-31
Aplicar la fusión de sensores a acelerómetros y giroscopios

Para una mayor precisión de movimiento y navegación, se puede utilizar un filtro de Kalman para combinar los mejores atributos de los sensores de acelerómetro 3D y giroscopio 3D.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-30
Design Robust Systems for the Industrial IoT

The Industrial IoT requires designers to pay particular attention to architecture, device reliability and robustness, and connectivity.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-25
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs)

This article provides a discussion of multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) basics, proper testing procedures, and what the aging/de-aging process is.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-25
How to Make an Industrial Strength IoT Touchscreen

Touchscreen interface designs for the IIoT demand ruggedness and compliance with a host of regulatory requirements, but readily available kits make it easier.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-24
Actualización del firmware en el campo mediante un microcontrolador de la modo DFU

Los desarrolladores integrados pueden simplificar enormemente el proceso de actualización del firmware en el campo utilizando un microcontrolador de la modo DFU, pero hay algunos trucos para hacerlo.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-24
Bringing the IoT to Life

Programmable touchscreen LCD modules with Wi-Fi connectivity provide flexibility and ease of integration.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-23
Reducing Robot Risk: How to Design a Safe Industrial Environment

Light curtains, laser scanners, and pressure mats are three options to prevent potentially dangerous human-machine interactions in an automated industrial environment.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-18
A Basic Guide to USB

A brief discussion on USB connectors including available versions and types.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-17
Diseñe una fuente de alimentación conmutada utilizando una topología flyback aislada

Las fuentes de alimentación conmutadas ofrecen alta eficiencia y pequeño volumen, por lo que vale la pena aprender a diseñar o elegir la mejor para la aplicación.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-17
Ultra-Low Power Management for IoT Devices

Energy harvesting PMICs allow remote wireless sensor node implementation.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-16
Selecting the Appropriate Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is a specially designed casing that is widely used for the insulation and corrosion protection of various wiring harnesses, solder joints.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-15
Los kits de desarrollo y módulos 802.11x pueden ayudar a simplificar los esfuerzos de diseño inalámbrico de IoT.

El alto rendimiento de Wi-Fi lo hace útil para la conectividad IoT, pero también es complejo, por lo que los desarrolladores están recurriendo a los módulos para acortar su ciclo de diseño.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-11
Creating the Ultimate Embedded Software Workbench

With the right tools on their bench, embedded developers can greatly accelerate the design and development process, and have far fewer bugs.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-10
Generar un alto voltaje de salida de CC desde una fuente de alimentación de entrada baja

Para obtener mayores voltajes de entradas de bajo voltaje, los diseñadores necesitan comprender y aplicar un regulador elevador siguiendo importantes consejos y haciendo compromisos.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-10
Taking the IIoT’s Head Out of the Cloud

Edge computing provides a layer of intelligence between process control logic and the Cloud.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-09
How to Easily Add Multiple Wireless Technologies to an IoT Design

IoT developers can build in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, LoRaWAN, and Sigfox wireless connectivity using a tiny board and a powerful programming approach.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-05
Solid-State Lighting and the Growth of LEDs for Horticultural Applications

Advancements in LED technology allow targeting horticultural applications.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-04
Extending the Life of Sensor Nodes through Power-Efficient Design

Energy harvesting and low-power MCUs maximize sensor node battery life.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-04
Add Firmware Security to an IoT Design with a Single Chip

Using a single device, IoT developers can implement secure boot and firmware updates on an established root-of-trust for applications.

Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-03
Conceptos básicos de transistores PNP y NPN con 2N3904, 2N3906, 2N2222, 2N2907

Una breve discusión de transistores desde su historia, qué son, cómo funcionan, cómo elegir uno adecuado, y ejemplos de aplicación.

Fecha de publicación: 2017-12-21
How to Quickly Add Environmental Sensing to Industrial and IoT Designs

A multi-sensor device and a sensor fusion library dramatically simplify development of environmental monitoring systems for health and wellness.

Fecha de publicación: 2017-12-20
Comparing Low Power Wireless Technologies (Part 3)

Low power wireless technologies are adapting to the Internet of Things by including IP connectivity and mesh networking.

Fecha de publicación: 2017-12-20
Efficient Smart Lighting with PWM Control

Utilizing digital controllers for lighting applications provides system flexibility.

Fecha de publicación: 2017-12-19
Comparing Low Power Wireless Technologies (Part 2)

Each of the many short-range wireless technologies has unique benefits, requiring careful attention to product complexity, power consumption, and cost.

Fecha de publicación: 2017-12-14
Select and Apply the Right Low-Power Microcontroller for the IoT

The selection and application of a low-power MCU for the IoT requires careful consideration of architectures and the wise use of power monitoring tools.

Fecha de publicación: 2017-12-13
Taking the Shortcut to Developing Connected LED Lighting Systems

LED driver reference designs and IoT development kits offer proven solutions for connected lighting solutions.

Fecha de publicación: 2017-12-12
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