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Kaga Electronics USA

- As an independent general trading company that specializes in electronics, Kaga Electronics has been expanding its operations since it first opened its doors in 1968. Their key strengths are the agility to quickly identify new trends and to steadily provide optimal solutions by listening to the voice of the customer. However, they believe there are still many uncharted fields that can benefit from their products and services. In recent years they have actively been engaging in the development of new businesses. They aim to continue to embark on new challenges by leveraging their sales network, the information-gathering capabilities they fostered over many years, and an “out-of-the-box” thinking approach that is unfettered by their existing businesses.


Newest Products View All (9)

Image of Volgen/Kaga Electronics' GPS/GNSS eRideOPUS 7 Modules

GPS/GNSS eRideOPUS 7 Modules

FURUNO Electrics' GPS/GNSS receivers and modules are made for projects that require precise timing synchronization in today’s data-heavy world.

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Image of Volgen's KHV Series

KHV Series High Voltage DC/DC Converters

Volgen's KHV series ultra-compact, medium-high voltage DC/DC converters with 5-sided metal shield case.

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Image of Volgen's PM-500A Series

PM-500A Series Switching Regulators

Volgen's PM-500A series are pin compatible, high performance switching regulators made to replace 78xx linear regulators.

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Image of Volgen/Kaga Electronics' KRS/KRD Series

KRS/KRD Series AC/DC Power Supplies

Volgen's KRS / KRD series has high quality and low cost and features direct PCB mounding and an ultra-small package.

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Image of Volgen/Kaga Electronics' KTPS05 Series Wall Adapters

KTPS05 Series Wall Adapters

Volgen's KTPS05 series wall adapters have Level VI efficiency as well as short-circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature protections.

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Image of Volgen/Kaga Electronics' KTPS200 Series Power Supply

KTPS200 Series Power Supply

Volgen's KTPS200 series is designed to provide up to 200 W of power in a convenient, convection-cooled desktop design.

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Product Training Modules View All (7)

Image of Furuno GV Series

Furuno Electrics GV-8620 and GV-8720 Series Multi-GNSS Receiver

Duration: 10 minutes

Using Multi-GNSS technology with Anti-Jamming and advanced multipath mitigation, GV series modules provide one of the most accurate positioning and navigation solutions

Image of Volgen's Furuno GF-87 Series

Furuno Electric's GF-87 Series GNSS Disciplined Oscillators

Duration: 5 minutes

Discussing functions and advantages of Furuno's GF series GNSS disciplined oscillators, as well as technologies that Furuno integrates into the GF series.


Furuno Electrics GN-8620 and GN-8720 Series Multi-GNSS Receiver

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will introduce the Furuno Electrics Multi-GNSS Receiver, GN-8620 and GN-8720 Series.


Furuno Electrics GT-86 and GT-87 Series Multi-GNSS Receiver

Duration: 10 minutes

To introduce the Kaga Electronics/Furuno Electrics GT-86 and GT-87 Series Multi-GNSS Receiver.

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