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Image of Thomas Research Products Hubbell Control Solutions OMNI Series

Hubbell Control Solutions OMNI Ceiling Mount Sensor Series

Thomas Research Products' OMNI ceiling mount sensor series is designed for medium to large spaces with ceilings up to 12 feet in height.

Image of Thomas Research Products Hubbell Control Solutions MPS Auxiliary Power Pack

Hubbell Control Solutions MPS Auxiliary Power Pack

Thomas Research Products' MPS auxiliary power pack is a self-contained transformer and relay designed for low-voltage 24 VDC occupancy sensors.

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Hubbell Control Solutions BTSMP Series Sensors

Thomas Research Products' BTSMP series sensors are Bluetooth® enabled, low voltage, and feature fixture mounted passive infrared (PIR) technology.

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BSP Series Surge Protector
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About Thomas Research Products

Hubbell Lighting Components is a provider of luminaire components and services for the OEM lighting industry. Located in Elgin, IL, their business is the synergistic combination of the Thomas Research Products and Norlux companies with decades of proven industry solutions. The standard product offering has all the key components needed to quickly create a high performance luminaire. This includes LED drivers, LED engines, surge suppressors, emergency drivers and controls. Through their custom engineering services team, they develop advanced LED technology and control solutions for truly innovative lighting and IoT products. Local engineering, manufacturing, and customer service teams allow them to respond rapidly to customer needs. HLC serves many markets including architectural, aerospace, food service, horticulture, industrial, and medical applications.