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R1526 42V/300mA Voltage Regulator with high EMI noise immunity
R1271 30V / 1A high-efficiency buck DC/DC converter with optional SSCG
RIOT Environmental Sensor Board Presentation
RIOT Environmental Sensor Board Demonstration
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About Nisshinbo Micro Devices

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. is a global “Analog Solution Provider” focusing on Energy Management and Signal Processing founded on January 1st, 2022 by integrating New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (NJR) and Ricoh Electronics Devices Co., Ltd. By utilizing NJR’s advanced microelectronics and microwave technology and Ricoh’s CMOS analog technology, the synergistic realization of the combined product lineups, engineering and product development expertise and manufacturing capabilities enables Nisshinbo Micro Devices to better serve our customers base in the automotive, industrial, health, IoT and wireless communications markets. Nisshinbo Micro Devices is based in Tokyo, Japan, with sales offices worldwide, and offers a wide range of products that include Op Amps, Comparators, Power Management ICs, Audio & Video ICs, Optical Sensors, Microwave Radar Sensors and RF Devices (LNAs, PAs, Switches, Filters, and FEMs).

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