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Donald Bell Maker Update Episode 32: Be Still My Heart

2/14/2020 | By Staff

This week on Maker Update, Robotic beating heart, robot dreams, giant numbers, real-time object tracking, puffy bricks, and HackSpace goes half-price.

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++Show Notes [Maker Update #161]++

-=Project of the Week=-

Animatronic Plush Heart With 3D Printing by Will Cogley


Raspbian Update

-=More Projects=-

LEGO GBC Module - Robot Dreams by JK Brickworks

The Numbers Project by Make Anything

Real-time Object Tracking by Leigh Johnson


HackSpace U.S. Subscription half-off (67% off newsstand prices)

I lost my voice but check out MuggyWeld! by TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Handheld Sheet Metal Brake

Soft Baroque's "Puffy Brick" Concrete Casting Technique

Impact Driver Vs. Drill Driver by Essential Craftsman

Colored Gels on LEDs by John Park

Flat Measuring Tape

-=Digi-Key Spotlight=-

LoRA Digital Communication - Tech Basics



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