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3M (386)

3M - Aearo Technologies, LLC (6)

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation (3)

ACL Staticide Inc (40)

Adafruit Industries LLC (200)

Adapteva Inc. (1)

Adels-Contact (1)

Advanced Cable Ties, Inc. (2)

Advanced Thermal Solutions Inc. (14)

Advantech Corp (10)

AK-Nord GmbH (18)

Alliance Sensors Group (1)

Alpha Wire (3)

Altech Corporation (34)

American Electrical Inc. (19)

American Hakko Products, Inc. (94)

Amphenol Aerospace Operations (1)

Amphenol Anytek (1)

Amphenol ICC (15)

Amphenol Industrial Operations (6)

Amphenol LTW (2)

Amphenol PCD (2)

Amphenol RF (12)

Amphenol Sine Systems Corp (17)

Amphenol SV Microwave (4)

Amphenol Times Microwave Systems (8)

Amphenol Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies (2)

Amprobe (14)

Analog Devices Inc. (3)

Anderson Power Products, Inc. (3)

APEM Inc. (7)

Apex Tool Group (83)

APM Hexseal (4)

Arduino (8)

Aries Electronics (13)

Assmann WSW Components (14)

Astro Tool Corp (17)

ATOP Technologies (34)

Aven Tools (131)

AVX Corporation (6)

B B Battery (7)

B&B SmartWorx, Inc. (86)

B&F Fastener Supply (24)

B&K Precision (110)

Banner Engineering Corporation (57)

Bantam Tools (7)

Bel Power Solutions (2)

Belden Inc. (5)

Bergquist (1)

Bivar Inc. (16)

Bopla Enclosures (16)

Botron Company Inc. (26)

Bourns Inc. (1)

Brady Corporation (38)

Brainboxes (23)

Broadcom Limited (8)

Bud Industries (93)

Bulgin (14)

Bumper Specialties Inc. (1)

C&K (4)

C-TON Industries (36)

CAIG Laboratories, Inc. (24)

Cal Test Electronics (151)

Calmark/Birtcher (5)

Capital Advanced Technologies (11)

Carling Technologies (1)

CarlisleIT (1)

Carlo Gavazzi Inc. (53)

CH Products (9)

Chemtronics (28)

Cherry Americas LLC (12)

Chip Quik Inc. (146)

Cicoil (1)

Cinch Connectivity Solutions (6)

Cinch Connectivity Solutions AIM-Cambridge (7)

Cinch Connectivity Solutions Johnson (15)

Cinch Connectivity Solutions Trompeter (10)

Cirrus Logic Inc. (1)

CNC Tech (7)

Comus International (2)

Conductive Containers, Inc. (9)

Conec (6)

Conxall/Switchcraft (4)

CR Magnetics Inc. (5)

Crouzet (103)

Crystek Corporation (5)

Curtis Industries (2)

Curtis Instruments Inc. (2)

Custom Computer Services Inc. (1)

Cynergy 3 (5)

Cypress Semiconductor Corp (1)

Datawave LLC (1)

Davies Molding, LLC (14)

Delta Electronics (28)

Delta Electronics/Industrial Automation (20)

Desco (95)

DFRobot (64)

Dialog Semiconductor GmbH (1)

Digi (54)

Digi-Key Electronics (4)

Digi-Key Kit (4)

Digilent, Inc. (24)

Digital Six Labs (1)

Directed Energy Inc. (1)

Display Visions (5)

DLP Design Inc. (6)

Dremel (19)

E-Z-Hook (24)

EAO (1)

Eaton - Bussmann Electrical Division (1)

ebm-papst Inc. (3)

Echelon Corporation (13)

EDAC Inc. (5)

Energizer Battery Company (24)

EnerSys (1)

EPC (1)

ERNI Electronics, Inc. (1)

Essentra Access Solutions (14)

Essentra Components (62)

Excelitas Technologies (16)

Fanstel Corp. (1)

FDK America, Inc., a member of Fujitsu Group (7)

Fedco Batteries (1)

Finder Relays, Inc. (14)

Finisar Corporation (1)

Flambeau Inc. (28)

FLIR (21)

FLIR Extech (119)

Fluke Electronics (2)

FreeWave Technologies (4)

FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd (9)

GC Electronics (13)

Gedore Tools, Inc. (22)

GHI Electronics, LLC (1)

Global Specialties (50)

GlobTek, Inc. (2)

Grayhill Inc. (3)

Greenlee Communications (24)

Hammond Manufacturing (139)


Harwin Inc. (39)

HellermannTyton (28)

Henrich Electronics Corporation (6)

Hirose Electric Co Ltd (54)

Hirschmann (14)

HMS Networks (21)

Hoffman Enclosures, Inc. (58)

Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions (2)

Ideal-tek S.A. (12)

IDEC (22)

iFixit (11)

Illumra (4)

Industrial Fiber Optics (6)

Industrial Shields (7)

Infineon Technologies (4)

Integra Enclosures (4)

Intel (1)

Interlink Electronics (2)

ITT Cannon, LLC (10)

IXYS (2)

Jabil Inc. (1)

Jacob GmbH (1)

JAE Electronics (12)

Jensen Global Inc. (5)

Jonard Tools (88)

JST Sales America Inc. (36)

Kaga Electronics USA (1)

Kennedy Labs, a division of Hub Incorporated (6)

Kester Solder (15)

Keystone Electronics (66)

Khadas (2)

Kilo International (10)

Kitronik Ltd. (58)

Klein Tools, Inc. (244)

Knipex Tools LP (21)

Knowles Voltronics (1)

KOA Speer Electronics, Inc. (1)

KUKA Robotics Corporation (2)

Kunbus GmbH (1)

Kycon, Inc. (1)

Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems (5)

Laird Technologies IAS (3)

Lantronix, Inc. (30)

LAPP (3)

Lascar Electronics (38)

LEMO (6)

Link Labs Inc. (1)

Linx Technologies Inc. (1)

Littelfuse Inc. (93)

LMB Heeger Inc. (11)


Logical Systems Inc. (1)

LulzBot (5)

Lumberg Automation (1)

M5Stack Technology Co., Ltd. (15)

Makeblock Co., LTD. (22)

Mallory Sonalert Products Inc. (5)

Master Appliance Co (3)

Matrix Orbital (2)

McGraw-Hill Education (1)


Mechatronics Bearing Group (2)

Mechatronics Fan Group (1)

MENDA/EasyBraid (27)

MG Chemicals (51)

Micrium Inc. (1)

Micro-Measurements (6)

Microchip Technology (7)

MikroElektronika (11)

Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. (1)

Molex (280)

Monnit Corporation (1)

MPD (12)

Mueller Electric Co (113)

Multi-Tech Systems Inc. (9)

Multicore (9)

Murata Electronics (4)

Murata Power Solutions Inc. (46)

Murrplastik Systems, Inc. (10)

Nakagawa Manufacturing (2)

National Instruments Corporation (6)

NetBurner Inc. (3)

Nichicon (1)

Nidec Copal Electronics (4)

NimbeLink, LLC (1)

NorComp Inc. (6)

NXP USA Inc. (6)

O'Reilly Media (1)

O.C. White Co. (26)

Ohmite (1)

OKdo (1)

Omron Automation and Safety (197)

Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div (5)

Onion Corporation (1)

Option NV (9)

Orion Fans (7)

Panasonic - BSG (11)

Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales (62)

Panasonic Industrial Devices - FBD (1)

Panavise (36)

Panduit Corp (141)

Parallax Inc. (23)

Parker Chomerics (16)

Particle Industries, Inc. (3)

Patco Electronics (3)

Patco Services Inc (1)

Peak Electronic Design Limited (9)

Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc. (9)

Phihong USA (1)

Phoenix Contact (217)

Pi Supply (33)

Pi-Top (2)

Pimoroni Ltd (52)

Pomona Electronics (181)

Powerex Inc. (1)

Protektive Pak (9)

Pulsar (2)

Pycom Ltd. (2)

Qoitech AB (1)

Quarton Inc. (2)

Radiall USA, Inc. (1)

Radiocrafts AS (1)

RAF Electronic Hardware (13)


Raspberry Pi (4)

Recom Power (1)

Red Lion Controls (79)

RF Solutions (1)

RFbeam Microwave GmbH (1)

Rose Enclosures (14)

Rose+Krieger (2)

Rosenberger (1)

Samtec Inc. (19)

Schmartboard, Inc. (7)

Schroff (16)

SCHUNK Intec Inc. (2)

Schurter Inc. (4)

SCS (68)

Seeed Technology Co., Ltd (89)

Seek Thermal (5)

Seiko Instruments (2)

Sensata-Crydom (2)

Sensorcon (1)

Serpac (20)

SICK, Inc. (1)

Sierra Wireless (1)

Sierra Wireless AirLink (2)

Sigfox (2)

Siretta Ltd (13)

SL Power Electronics Manufacture of Condor/Ault Brands (1)

SolidRun LTD (1)


SparkFun Electronics (141)

SRA Soldering Products (77)

Staco Energy Products Company (10)

Steinel America (16)

Stewart Connector (15)

STMicroelectronics (1)

Storm Interface (7)

Sullins Connector Solutions (1)

Swanstrom Tools USA (11)

Switchcraft Inc. (18)

Synapse Wireless (1)

Taica North America Corporation (4)

Taoglas Limited (1)

TDK Corporation (1)

TDK Electronics Inc. (1)

TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. (10)

TE Application Tooling (296)

TE Connectivity (1)

TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine (25)

TE Connectivity ALCOSWITCH Switches (2)

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors (34)

TE Connectivity Deutsch Connectors (1)

TE Connectivity Deutsch ICT Connectors (1)

TE Connectivity ENTRELEC (2)

TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties (2)

TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays (3)

TE Connectivity Raychem Cable Protection (13)

TE Energy & Utilities (4)

Techflex (5)

Techspray (19)

TechTools (2)

TEKTELIC Communications Inc. (2)

Teledyne LeCroy (63)

Tempo Communications (54)

Tensility International Corp (1)

Terasic Inc. (9)

Texas Instruments (10)

Thomas Research Products (1)

TinyCircuits (8)

TPI (43)

Trenz Electronic GmbH (10)

Trinamic Motion Control GmbH (1)

Tripp Lite (228)

Twin Industries (39)

Tycon Systems Inc. (12)

UDOO (2)

Vector Electronics (28)

Verivolt LLC (10)

Vicor Corporation (1)

Vishay Foil Resistors (1)

Vishay Sfernice (1)

Vishay Spectrol (1)

Wakefield-Vette (15)

Weidmüller (53)

WERMA USA Inc. (13)

Wiha (75)

Würth Elektronik (47)

Xilinx Inc. (1)

XP Power (3)

ZEUS Battery Products (4)

ZF Electronics (4)

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Multi-Purpose Timer, 1-180 Minute Kit

Supplier: Global Specialties

Subtitle: GSK-060 Multi-Purpose Timer, 1-180 Minute Kit
Description: This compact timer emulates the traditional dial-set spring timers by using 12 LEDs in a circle to indicate the timer setting and timer progress. All On/Off control and time presetting is achieved via a single push-button. A buzzer indicates the time-out point. Applications include domestic and i...

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsMaker/DIY, EducationalEducational, Robotics Kits

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Supplier: Global Specialties

Subtitle: GSK-1110 - Obstacle Avoiding Robot
Description: The GSK-1110 robot navigates its way around obstacles using its photo sensors. The microprocessor directs evasive action by reversing and turning the robot until it finds its way around the obstacle blocking its path. This kit may be assembled without soldering on any Global Specialties trainer o...

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsMaker/DIY, EducationalEducational, Robotics Kits


Global Specialties PB-503

Supplier: Global Specialties

Subtitle: Desktop Analog and Digital Design Trainer
Description: The PB-503 is a time-tested workhorse designed for all levels of electronics instruction and prototyping. Utilizing the PB-503, students can create and implement their own circuits onto the breadboard, which is removable for multiple student usage in lab settings. For both series and parallel cir...

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsMaker/DIY, EducationalEducational, Robotics Kits


Global Specialties PB-505

Supplier: Global Specialties

Subtitle: Deluxe Analog and Digital Design Trainer
Description: The PB-505 is a robust electronics trainer engineered for electronics instruction and design and is ideal for analog, digital, and microprocessor circuits. Students will learn valuable hands-on breadboarding techniques and build a solid foundation in circuit experimentation, construction, and ana...

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsMaker/DIY, EducationalEducational, Robotics Kits

PIR Motion Sensor with Timer

Supplier: Global Specialties

Subtitle: GSK-519 PIR Motion Sensor with Timer
Description: This detector circuit uses a passive infrared (PIR) sensor to detect human and animal movements from up to 4 meters. It can be used for work or fun and be applied to a variety of practical applications such as alarm systems, automatic power off, and lighting systems. This kit may be assembled wit...

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsMaker/DIY, EducationalEducational, Robotics Kits

Solar Fan Kit

Global Specialties GSK-1001

Supplier: Global Specialties

Subtitle: GSK-1001 Solar Fan Kit
Description: When the solar panel faces sunlight, it converts the sun’s energy into DC voltage. The DC motor to turn the fan utilizes the DC voltage. Fan speed will be determined by the intensity of the sun’s energy collected by the solar panel.

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsMaker/DIY, EducationalEducational, Robotics Kits

Solar LED Blinking Light Kit

Global Specialties GSK-1005

Supplier: Global Specialties

Subtitle: GSK-1005 Solar LED Blinking Light Kit
Description: This is a blinking light circuit powered by the energy of the sun. Utilizing a solar panel to convert the suns energy, two LED's will alternatively blink and the blinking speed may be adjusted. Easy to assemble.

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsMaker/DIY, EducationalEducational, Robotics Kits

Solar LED Flashing Lights Kit

Global Specialties GSK-109

Supplier: Global Specialties

Subtitle: GSK-109 Solar LED Flashing Lights Kit
Description: This is an excellent kit for basic electronic principles. Two LED's will alternatively blink and the blinking speed is adjustable. Kit is easy to assemble with minimal components.

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsMaker/DIY, EducationalEducational, Robotics Kits

Solar LED Night Light Kit

Global Specialties GSK-1004

Supplier: Global Specialties

Subtitle: GSK-1004 Solar LED Night Light Kit
Description: The GSK-1004 illuminates 5 LED's when there is not sufficient sunlight for the solar panel to charge batteries. The LED's will automatically turn on and draw voltage from the batteries when the solar panel can no longer convert sunlight to DC voltage. Kit includes parts to build recharging circui...

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsMaker/DIY, EducationalEducational, Robotics Kits

Touch Control Switch Kit

Global Specialties GSK-10

Supplier: Global Specialties

Subtitle: GSK-10 Touch Control Switch Kit
Description: The Global Specialties GSK-10 is a kit, which incorporates a touch switch and a touch plate in the same package. The touch switch will activate when two leads are shorted together by the touch of a finger. The touch plate will activate merely by touching the plate. AC or DC voltage must be applie...

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsMaker/DIY, EducationalEducational, Robotics Kits